06 Mar 2019


Size (m): 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14

Main features:
– Shape: hybrid C-shape and full bridles which combines the advantages of both types
– High freestyle and wakestyle performance
– Bridles with no pulleys give better control and direct feeling
– Great lift and pop combined with constant power while performing tricks
– Great control combined with medium bar feeling
– Fast, low drag, quickly generating power profiles
– Floating strut eliminates gusty wind effects
– 5-strut construction
– Easy to relaunch
– Quick inflating/deflating screw valve
– One-pump system
– Quick and easy setup
– Improved sewing technology and quality
– 4-line control bar system
– Colour-coded and fool-proof line connectors

Shape: C-shape

– T9675 Double Ripstop Teijin;
– T9600 Ripstop Teijin;
– Dacron Ripstop
– Double-layer Dacron on bridle attachment points
– Double-stitched bonded seams
– Dacron reinforced canopy (tips and trailing edge)
– Bladder construction with doublelayer section in wear areas
– Catch-free one pump valves position
– Thin LE&Strut ends